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This page is intended to provide access to demos of web-based projects from my bitbucket repositories.

LD48 #23

My entry is available here.

kM - A Tile Map Editor

This tile map editor was created after the LD48 contest as I realized (too late) that a tool like this would speed level creation.

A demo is available, and the source repo is here.

kilo Demos

For all demos, just view source to see how they work! I have tried to provide useful comments explaining everything.

If anything is unclear, please create an issue with the component 'demos'.

kilo-Based Games

Car Jumper - I'm currently working on a prototype for an endless scroller that is from the point of view of a passenger in a car. You're killing time on a boring road-trip, imagining a guy on the window dodging the passing scenery.

Once there's more to it, I'll add a playable version here. Until then, you can always get the source code and try it out!